Welcome to New Beginnings Club

The New Beginnings Club provides social, recreation, education and leisure opportunities to survivors and everyone impacted by brain injury or stroke, individuals who are looking to join our club are required to register – registration is free of charge!

We have daily and weekly scheduled programs. Some of our programs include (not limited to) arts and crafts, fitness, karaoke, woodworking, board games and Wii. If there is an activity you would like to see in the Club, please feel free to talk to an Activities Director.

The Club works to support all survivors and their families to regain empowerment and friendship after their illness/injury. The Club is a non-medical facility that will remind you of your living-room, our staff members work very hard to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

If you need assistance attending or other rehabilitative supports, staff at the Club can help you connect to services available within the community.

Experienced a Brain Injury or Stroke?
Call us for a free membership