New Beginnings Clubs in both Chatham and Sarnia are operated with a small staff and with the support of dedicated volunteers who help out at the Club, at special events, or who help to fundraise. While paid staff support members with their personal care needs, volunteers are an integral to the Club’s members having a companion that helps them while they are working on their arts & crafts projects or playing a game such as Nintendo™ Wii, cards, or billiards.

Volunteering looks great on a resume! Interested applicants who are community-minded and who — directly or indirectly — want to help make a difference in the lives of individuals living with the effects of a brain injury or stroke may contact the New Beginnings Club (519-351-0297 in Chatham and 519-491-2668 in Sarnia) to learn more about ways they can become involved, or what’s required to apply.


Experienced a Brain Injury or Stroke?
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